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I’m so glad you’re here. This is where I share the intimate places of my soul in an effort to reveal God’s heart to you so that you will fully know His grace and mercy unending. My hope is that my words will remind you of life eternal, love everlasting, and truth beyond compare.

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Greetings From Allume!


Hello, hello, hello! I made it! I’m here! I have found my people!!!

So, real quick, I wanted to say an official hello to those of you visiting my blog from Allume. HELLO! I’m so glad you stopped by! This is my blog where I write about ALL the life between once upon a time and happily ever after. I write a little bit about everything- Bible studies and faith, marriage and family, shoes and chocolate, this thing called LIFE.

One of my first posts was a fairy tale which turned into a little series, and last October I wrote a 31 Days series called Hearken, I would love for you to read either of those series. If you’d like to get a feel for my usual voice though, start with one of my featured posts.

I frequently write guest posts for other blogs and I would love to become part of a contributor blog.

If you’re a guest I invite you to please poke around and tell me what you think. Please leave a link in the comments to your blog, just in case I misplaced your card.

If you are a regular viewer or a subscriber would you do me a huge favor? Would you put in the comments which post you’ve enjoyed the most so that my new friends can check it out?

Thank you so much for stopping by! I look forward to visiting with you soon!


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Allume and A Little About Me


Oh. My. Goodness. It’s actually happening. This week I will board a plane, sans anyone I know, and travel to Greenville, SC in order to attend the Allume conference. Friends, this is a big deal. In fact, if we’ve spoken at all in the last few weeks I’ve probably heard nothing you’ve said and spoken only about Allume. So, sorry about that, but guys- it’s finally here! I’m so nervous-excited I can’t sit still, but it’s finally here! So some of you are probably wondering what Allume is. In short, Allume is a writing conference for Christian women. It’s a community of women at all stages of their writing journey gathering to connect and encourage one another. It’s super awesome, or so I’ve heard. I first heard about Allume years ago when I started blogging, and have wanted to go ever since, this year it’s finally happening!!! And I can’t help… [Continue Reading]

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The Daily 15 Minute Miracle

for kindred grace

It’s 5:45 on Monday morning, do you know where your Bible is? I roll over and hit snooze. The baby starts crying. My husband surprises me with a cup of coffee. It can be any number of things that prevents me from answering that question on this Monday morning. It’s baffling how hard it can be to fit a 15 minute Bible study into a 24 hour day. <– Tweet This Please join me today over at Kindred Grace where I’m sharing my thoughts and experience on how Facebook can help your devotional life. Yes, really. That beautiful place online that usually distracts you from all manner of important things can actually be helpful when it comes to maintaining your relationship with God. Click over to learn more. Also, I want to remind everyone that Hello Mornings registration starts TODAY! This time we’ll be studying the book of Matthew. Katie… [Continue Reading]

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