DIY Pretty Fall Wreath for $1

I have been loving all the beautiful fall colors in my front yard. The bright sunny yellow delights my heart each time I walk past my window. I decided I needed to bring some of that sunniness over to my front door to greet my guests.


I collected a bunch of leaves from the front yard and filled a bright orange tub with them. Then I clipped some short low branched from the tree and put them in standing up. Finally, I created a new wreath for the front door using the left over leaves.

To make the wreath:

I purchased a natural woven wreath from the Dollar Tree. I took the leaves and wove the leaf stems in and through the woven wreath base. Then I added a few clippings of a bush with bright red leaves and berries on it and wove those into the wreath base. Viola! A pretty fall wreath to grace my front door. Cost: $1. If you have floral wire nearby it might help with leaves that have a very short stem.

Happy Autumn!



  1. Jill says

    Wow, Jenna! You are so talented! Thanks for sharing! Love it! It just looks gorgeous! I am really enjoying the fall foliage too!


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