God Gives Abundantly

She named him Joseph, and said, “May the Lord add to me another son.” Genesis 30:24

God had prevented Rachel from conceiving in order to humble her and so that Leah would find favor with Jacob. It doesn’t seem to have worked. When God finally allows Rachel to give birth to a son she only pauses for a moment to acknowledge what he has done for her. Her real concern seems to be that he would quickly give her another son.

It’s unfortunate that so frequently my own response to God’s blessing is to ask for more blessing. It would be better if my heart was more like David’s or Paul’s, thanking God for what I have been given, whether today he has given much or withheld much. I have been working to humble my heart and recognize that God is always giving me what I need. I have even put a note up on my mirror which reads, “Do NOT think I deserve more than God is giving me today!” Our culture is so full of people with entitlement issues, sometimes even more so within the church. I don’t want to be someone who believes I am entitled to anything more than what I have.

Father in Heaven, Thank you for all that you have given to me. Thank you that I can trust you to give me what I need today. Help me to remember that what I need is not always what I want and that sometimes I need to be uncomfortable in order to grow more deeply rooted in my relationship with you. Please help me to remember to place you above all other things in my life. Help me to keep my heart humble before you and before others. I love you, Lord. In Jesus name, amen.

What gift from God are you most grateful for?


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    I need that same note on my mirror! I have really been struggling with being content lately. As much as I know I have more than I ever deserved and should be grateful for an amazing life, I cannot help but want more and different. But I know God makes my life such a balance that I continue to need him. Great post! Thank you for sharing it.

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    Great post! I am very good at looking at what I have and then asking God for more. I like the idea of the note on your mirror…I may have to borrow that one :)

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      I find notes on the bathroom mirror, over the kitchen sink, and on the tv to be very helpful reminders. I used to put them on the car windshield too, but then realized that probably wasn’t a very safe idea- ha! 😉

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