Memoir Monday: Now What?

My story matters. And so does yours. Not because there is anything significant about me or you, but because together our collective stories reveal truth about God. Who He is. What He cares about. How He loves us. When we all link up together we can tell a story that reveals God’s glory, God’s power, and God’s heart. Our story is HIS story.

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Now What?

The Father watched from On High over the family as they continued to try to understand what was happening. He who knew the end from the beginning also understood their troubled hearts. 

Immediately following my dad’s cancer diagnosis my parents were presented with treatment options. In early 1998 there weren’t a lot of treatment options available for someone with a stage 4 Glioblastoma brain tumor.

Surgery was not an option for my dad because of the location of his brain tumor, it was too close to his cerebral artery. The doctor who had given the diagnosis was pushing my parents to start radiation treatment, but my mom felt strongly that radiation wasn’t the right answer. Since the medical community didn’t seem to have any other solution she started looking into natural treatment options. My dad started a regiming of teas and herbs in hopes of better health and possibly diminishing the size of the growing brain tumor. The internet was not what it is now in 1998 but family members started gathering as much information as possible from every known available source. There was a lot to go through.

I went to the source that I had always depended on, God. I started to pray for wisdom for my family and for the doctors involved. I prayed for direction and intervention. I was confident that God was with us, that He was working, that a miracle was coming, and that this was all part of His plan for our family. I started sharing my hopes and requests with family, friends, and even strangers through prayer letters. Letters that I had written which detailed the current diagnosis, specific things our family needed prayer for, and how God was leading me to pray. I would later learn that it was this that had first captured my husband’s attention.

Soon it was evident to everyone that God was with us in the midst of this storm. The storm wasn’t moving and wasn’t changing but we were at peace in the middle of it. God was using the storm not just to change our little, tight knit family, but also extended family, friends, and those strangers who were becoming friends by choosing to pray with us. As I look back at that time I can’t help but see Romans 8:28 played out over and over again in the lives of many. It fascinates me to know how our cancer story spread so far and wide and all before the days of Facebook- Ha!

And I know with absolute certainty our cancer story was really never about us at all. It was always about Him.

The Father’s knowing heart beat strong as he considered the family below. He willed the Holy Spirit to begin whispering wisdom and direction to them, helping them move in unity along the path they were on. 

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” ~Romans 8:28
Have you had a Romans 8:28 moment when something bad happened that you understood God was using for good?

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